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Queen Street Clinic Appointments

Queen Street Clinic is open between 8am and 5.00pm Monday to Thursday and 8am to 4.00pm on Friday

We also open 9am to 11am on Saturday for urgent medical complaints. Contact us to make an appointment.

New Patients

Appointments can range from 15 mins to 30 mins depending on your medical history.

Please contact us on 02 6643 1100 to book your appointment.

Routine Appointments

Routine appointments are allocated 15 minutes each.

Typical routine appointments would be: antenatal checks, blood pressure checks, pap smears, medication review and renewal of prescriptions.

If you think that your consultation may take longer, please ask for more time and the staff will allocate you further time with your GP.

Long Appointments

Reception staff need to be advised if you require a longer consultation time than 15 minutes.


These consultations would include:

  • Counselling

  • More than two problems need discussing

  • Insurance or superannuation medicals

  • Repatriation and pension assessments

  • Driving licence medicals

  • Detailed medical check ups

  • Pre employment medicals

Urgent Appointments

Urgent matters are those which you feel cannot wait until the next available routine appointment.

Examples are infections, injuries, and painful conditions.

Should you have an urgent medical matter such as chest pain, please present to the Emergency Department at the local hospital or call 000 for an ambulance.

Medical & Insurance

Medicals usually have a questionnaire that is associated with the examination. You will need to check if the medical requires any testing: eyesight, hearing, breathing or blood tests. Once you have established what you need and have made your appointments, you will need to complete the personal (patient) part of the form prior to attending your appointment.

Unable to attend?

Appointment times are important to all of the community. If you are unable to attend, please contact us — preferably within 24 hours. This way your appointment can be utilised by another patient who may need it.

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