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About Queen Street Clinic

Queen Street Clinic is a purpose built practice that first opened its doors in 1990. Doctors Nigel Bacon & Judith Alexander, along with Doctors Michael & Kerry Harding built the practice to create a family orientated place for families in the Clarence Valley to feel comfortable and receive quality health care. Our aim is to provide comprehensive and ongoing medical care in a general family practice atmosphere.

Doctors and staff at Queen Street Clinic are dedicated to creating an atmosphere of well-being and comfort, to offer patients the best in medical services and facilities, and to the continuous search for opportunities to improve all processes. Ethical healthcare practices and respect for the rights of patients are at the core of our philosophy. The image and reputation of our clinic is very important to us. The Associates and our Practice Manager cultivate an environment in which loyalty, integrity, honesty and mutual cooperation are standard values in our dealings with staff, patients, specialists and all other individuals who come into contact with us.


Dr Achini Herath

MBBS | Dip (Microbiology) | MD (Medical Virology) | SCHP (Paediatrics) | FRACGP

Dr Linda McKay


Dr Laura Lei

MBBS MDCM (Paediatrics)

Dr Rachel "Beth" Allin


Dr William Coorey

M.B.B.S. | M.P.H. | FRACGP

Dr Praveen Yadav

MD PhysicianFRACGP

Dr Julie Johnstone


Dr Sander Vandervlist

M.D. (Rotterdam) | F.D.C.G.P. | F.R.A.C.G.P.

There are a number of doctors practising out of this Practice with their individual skills or special interests which are wide and varied. Please do not hesitate in asking your doctor if they have any special medical interest.

Dr Mitchell Sonter


Dr Haley Amson



The Nurses

We have five registered nurses and one endorsed enrolled nurse who are very experienced in their work and assist the doctors with a large range of services (please see list in our Services). The nursing staff have been working with our practice for a long time and the patients are familiar with them and their professional service. We use quality products to support our patients and all of our equipment is autoclaved on site.


Practice Newsletter

Please download our latest practice newsletter below to keep updated with current information.

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